Radio Replacement Interface (Chrysler(R))



Replicates factory warning chimes & provides a databus-generated 12V accessory power output that is fully compatible with the GM(R) RAP system; Keeps the radio powered after key-off; Issues data commands that maintain a health system status to other vehicle's systems; Retains all warning chimes including backup chimes, memory seats, low fuel, door/hatch ajar & others; Retains RAP system when key is turned off--radio stays on for approximately 10 min or until the door is opened; Supplied wire harness to connect aftermarket stereo to factory speakers; Will work in vehicle that has the factory Bose(R) amp removed or bypassed--custom wiring is required; Buzzer is built into the interface; Includes +12V accessory wire; For Chrysler(R)
Warranty: One Year
Country of Origin: United States