Anodized Aluminum Table And Bench Set In White (Set of 3)


SKU: HR334636

Now you can charm up your outdoors as well in the modern and trendy style with a huge range of outdoor, patio, terrace, frontyard and backyard furniture. Make your entire living space relaxed and comfy for dinners and brunches with this perfect collection of a sleek modern 3 piece dining set. This set consist of 2 benches and one dining table. Benches fit under dining table for storage. The framework of aluminium is durable alongwith classy Plastic lumber (Recycled Plastic) top. Dimension of Bench: L 53 in. X W 15 in. x H 18 in., Dimension of Table: L 59 in. X W 36 in. x H 30 in.
The set has two benches and one dinning table
Wonderfully makes space for wine and dine comfortably
Durable framework with classy appeal