20-Volt DQ-AC20325-YST Replacement AC Adapter for Lenovo(R) Laptops



Input: 100V-240V, 1.5A, 50Hz/60Hz; Output: 20V, 3.25A; Yellow square tip; Safety fuses guard against power surges; Compatible with Lenovo(R) ADLX65NCC3A, Lenovo(R) ADLX65NLC2A, Lenovo(R) 36200288, Lenovo(R) 45N0313, Lenovo(R) 45N0314, Lenovo(R) 45N0261, Lenovo(R) 45N0262, Lenovo(R) 36200253, Lenovo(R) 36200296, Lenovo(R) 45N0305, Lenovo(R) 45N0306, Lenovo(R) ADLX65NDC3A, Lenovo(R) 36200249, Lenovo(R) 45N0253, Lenovo(R) 45N0254, Lenovo(R) Z710, Lenovo(R) Z580, Lenovo(R) Z505, Lenovo(R) Z510, Lenovo(R) Z410, Lenovo(R) Yoga 2, Lenovo(R) X301S, Lenovo(R) X240S, Lenovo(R) X240, Lenovo(R) X230S, Lenovo(R) V4400U, Lenovo(R) V4400, Lenovo(R) ThinkPad x240s, Lenovo(R) ThinkPad x230s, Lenovo(R) S500, Lenovo(R) S410P, Lenovo(R) S410, Lenovo(R) S405, Lenovo(R) S230U, Lenovo(R) L540, Lenovo(R) L440, Lenovo(R) K4450, Lenovo(R) K4350A, Lenovo(R) K4350, Lenovo(R) K2450, Lenovo(R) G505, Lenovo(R) X300S, Lenovo(R) G500S, Lenovo(R) G500, Lenovo(R) G490, Lenovo(R) G400, Lenovo(R) G405 & Lenovo(R) ADLX45NDC2A
Warranty: Six Months
Country of Origin: China