2-Piece Corduroy Sectional Sofa In waffle Suede Charcoal


SKU: HR316328

Reflecting Up-Class Quality Design This Sectional Sofa Features Two Pieces Entirely Upholstered In A Waffle Suede Modern Design With Accent Stitching. Each Piece Of This Sofa Has Been Crafted With Passion And Expertise. The Simple Yet Striking These Sofa Designs Follows Minimalism And Cutting Excess To Add Sophistication In Each Piece. Crafted In Hardwood And Fabric The Sofa Promises High Durability, Its Charcoal Finish Adds Extra Elegance. It Does Not Include Any Other Featured Product Other Than A Sectional Sofa. Sofa Dimensions: Reversible L / R Chaise: 84" X 36" X 37"H 3-Seat Sofa: 81" X 36" X 37"H
Includes: One Sectional Sofa Only